About us

The "Olive Classic" festival is conceived as a festival of classical music in a period of a few days during which Croatian and international musicians, who successfully develop their international careers, will be presented to the Croatian and international audience. Many different and interesting works by Croatian and international composers of classical music will be performed at the festival.

The festival "Olive Classic" has become from an idea of mentor Dražen Domjanić to bring a new value to the island of Pag. The idea is to present one European city every year, to invite one or two musicians as "Artist in Residence" and to present one instrument which will dominate the festival. The main goal of the festival is to enrich the audience, of all ages, with a unique experience combining music, beautiful location and gastronomy.

"The old olive gardens are dreaming dreams (...)"

Dragutin Tadijanović

...touch your dreams...

Our team
Sara Domjanić, artistic director
Laura Pavlin, festival office
Ina Grizelj, festival office
Andreas Domjanić, media